Birgersdotter Innovate AB Stockholm Sweden

The Birgersdotter Brand

We believe in creating products that you will keep for a long time. Classic items crafted with love and care to perfection. Some of the products have tech added to them, that will help you in your daily life. 

The B stands for quality, sustainability, love, and care.  Most of our products are made to order to keep the ecofootprint down to a minimum.  Our motto is that the things you buy should be used for a considerable and foreseeable future. 


Our products are unless otherwise informed, made by hand in the factory in Stockholm. Each part is cut, polished and put together with old techniques and with the skilled hands of our partner CJ Dahlin and Magnus Nyström. 

With these old techniques, we add the latest technology and create Birgersdotter. A fantastic mix of new and old for day to day life, 

Made to order

Most the things you order from Birgersdotter,  is hand made and made to order escpecially for you. Each product is registerd in our database and holds a RFID chip to be able to be traced and possible to follow in the products life cycle. With this code you can also chose to activate the Birgersdotter app and get all the info to your phone.  For products that have tech included, it also serves as a manual.

RFID chip includes


Place of manufacturing



First owner

Recycling information

Manuals and care instructions